About Rachel

“There is something very beautiful in creating a
piece of jewellery that you know will last forever.”

Rachel Balfour Jewellery was created with the belief that jewellery is much more than an
accessory. The individual pieces we choose to wear always have meaning and significance and
are often an expression of love, loyalty and inner strength.

Fine jewellery is at our core. Every design is meticulously hand made to order with solid gold,
precious stones and sterling silver. We create pieces that will last forever, that are imbued with
meaning and can eventually be handed down.

Rachel trained as a Goldsmith and Jewellery Designer at Kensington and Chelsea College in
London and completed courses at Central St. Martins and Studio E174.

“Making a piece of jewellery is like writing a
story, whose meaning can be interpreted by each
individual in their own way.”

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Day 16 of quarantine.. and I have just eaten a whole bar of CBD chocolate.. 🖤



A ✌️ and hand engraved initial necklace shot in the golden hour. It is so hard to know what to post on Instagram at the moment as it is by no means ‘business as usual’. It feels as if so many people are now starting to really, really miss seeing friends and family in person. Other than home schooling and trying to stay sane over the last two weeks my only output has been a playlist. It’s a list of the songs that have meant something to me over the last 30 years. A few of the songs are clearly before my time but the songs from the late 60’s and 70’s seem to be timeless and have played throughout my life. Everything else is the music that I listened to from age 10 and up! They are all chronological apart from ‘Killer’ by Adamski and @seal which for some reason is in the 2000 section. If anyone wants to listen I will put the link in my bio, but I would really love it if people would share their defining songs with me, even if it is just 10, it would be lovely to hear them. I have tagged a few people who I hope will do this 💛ps there are many, many songs I have missed off and a @nickcaveofficial song should definitely be in there ✨



Happy Mother’s Day. This typed note from 1971 was posted to me by my Mum when I was in my early 20’s. It arrived on my doorstep one morning with no warning or explanation - apart from to say that she wrote it at the same age as I was then. I think at the time it made me laugh, then think, and then quickly wonder why she had sent it to me! But I always loved it for it’s 20- something musings and the fact that it is on the original paper that she typed it on. And of course it is all true! I will pass it on to my daughters when they are in their early 20’s.. so her musings can pass down the generations. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums who are on their own today and to all the Mums like me who are doing a full days teaching tomorrow.. and I wish everyone who is suffering at the moment all the love in the world.. what an extraordinary Mother’s Day ❤️



To celebrate International Woman’s Day and Mother’s Day later in the month, anyone who writes ‘mother’ when they purchase a silver mama ring or necklace online will get 15 percent off. The Mama collection is based on a traditional sailor’s symbol meaning stability; these pieces are a reminder that however far your babies drift through choppy seas, calm or storm, a mother will always be the anchor that holds a family strong ⚓️ ✨ * to guarantee delivery for Mother’s Day please order by the 15 March and write mother in the coupon section ✨