About Rachel

“ Making jewellery is like writing a story. The real meaning is created by the individual who wears it. It is this connection between us that inspires my work. "

I started making jewellery in my twenties after a trip to Sri Lanka. I was in the capital Colombo, helping a local television station make a documentary about Poya, a Buddhist celebration unique to Sri Lanka. My trip took an unexpected turn when I ended up in hospital. I had a long time to reflect on my life and to think how I wanted to live and I had a feeling of absolute certainty that I needed to create.

And it had to be jewellery. I had been fascinated by the incredible gemstones sold along the roadside, and drawn to the unity and celebration of the Poya festivities. Jewellery holds the power to tell stories of love, courage, and faith. I wanted to create tangible objects to celebrate the intangible.

Returning to London, my journey to becoming a jeweller began. I trained as a goldsmith and designer at Kensington and Chelsea College, studied with Central St. Martins, and launched my brand with mentorship from The Goldsmiths Centre.

I am heavily influenced by pop culture, symbolism, and art with a spiritual connection. I am interested in jewellery that connects the everyday psychology of our minds with a universal spirit of humanity. 

My experiences have shaped how I see the world and live my life. In my jewellery, I hope to celebrate the shared journey that joins us all.

Rachel Balfour, designer & founder

"I wanted to create tangible objects to celebrate the intangible”