When To Take Off Your Bespoke Ring..

All Rachel Balfour jewellery is made with solid gold and precious stones and is designed to last a lifetime; however it is very important that you know how to care for your jewellery as gold and precious stones are not indestructible. Read on!



Working Out: 

Before you hit the gym it is a really good idea to take your ring off. Gold is to a certain degree a soft metal, so anything that is putting pressure on the metal risks warping the ring’s shape, which over time can lead to a fracture in the gold. If the shape of a ring warps enough this can affect the claws which will loosen the hold on the stone. Activities such as weightlifting, tennis, squash, skiing and cycling all apply pressure to the band of the ring which over time will cause it to change shape and weaken. 

Beauty Regime:

Before using cosmetics, hair sprays, and perfumes it is also best to take your ring off. These products can cause a build-up of grime, weakening the natural sheen of your ring and causing a cloudy layer of film to build up which will damage some gemstones. If you do get any grime build-up on your ring, it is safe to rinse with warm water and dishwashing liquid. You can then polish with a polishing cloth to bring the shine back.

Cleaning, Gardening and D.I.Y:

A diamond may be one of the world’s hardest materials but even this gemstone can still chip. Other stones such as opals and emeralds are not as hard as diamonds and need to be worn with extra care. A ring can easily be damaged on tough surfaces such as bathroom counters and ovens and a knock on a hard surface can do serious damage to the stone and setting. Whilst gardening or doing D.I.Y a ring can easily be pulled off or knocked. Harsh chemicals such as bleach and ammonia (found in many common household cleaners) can damage the lustre of a stone and over time will damage the precious metal.

Checking Your Ring:

It is important to check the gemstone setting regularly for any damage and to look for changes in shape or damage to the shank. You can also put the ring between two fingers, hold it up to your ear, and shake it a little bit. If you hear any faint rattling, then the setting needs to be tightened.


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