Giving back

We believe in giving back to the community and have chosen to work closely with charities that support women and girls in the UK and abroad.

Ten percent of our profit will go to charities to help support initiatives that benefit women and girls across the world.

While many women and girls do enjoy freedom and choice and the opportunity for success in their lives, that’s simply not true for all. Our vision is of equality and justice for all women and girls in the UK.

Here are some stats that show just how far we have to go:

  • In the UK today, women still earn almost 20% less than men (and the disparity is increasing).
  • 43% of women under 35 have been sexually harassed at some point on the streets of London.
  • 87% of young women today say they’re judged more on their looks than on their abilities.
  • Women are not only at much greater risk of poverty than men, but they’re also likely to experience more frequent and more prolonged spells in poverty.

Jon Snow, the Journalist and TV Presenter, recently made a speech on International Women’s Day and said, “International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements – and to remind us of what still needs tackling to reach full equality between women and men even here in the UK. Without the resources to do so, we can’t hope to bring about a safe, fair, just society for all our children.”

We are proud to give a percentage of our profit to charity.

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