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Ruby Bar Earrings

Ruby Bar Earrings


Gold Diamond Single Triangle

Gold Diamond Triangle


The Hoop and Triangle Earrings

Hoops and Triangles


The Hoop and Triangle Single Earring

Hoop and Triangle


The Swallow Ear Cuffs

Swallow Ear Cuffs


The Tiny Hummingbird Earrings

Tiny Hummingbird Earrings


The Tiny Hummingbird Single Earring

Tiny Hummingbird Single Earring


Gold Diamond Triangles

Gold Diamond Triangles


The Single Swallow Ear Cuff

Swallow Ear Cuff


The Solid Gold Star Stud

Shine On Star Stud

Essential Gold Bar earrings

Solid Gold Essential Bar Earrings

Minimalist Gold Bars


The Solid Gold Star and Chain Ear Cuff

Starry Night Gold Ear Cuff