Triple Charm Choker


The ultimate charm choker. The disc is hand engraved with initials of your choice. The dove disc can be swopped for a universe or peace sign disc.. please contact Bespoke for further information. The charms can be worn individually or all together, and there is room for more charms to be added in the future.

9 carat gold solid gold choker. 2mm thick.

Acrostic Heart Charm on albert clasp: Diamond, amethyst, ruby, lapis, iolite

nephrite and garnet which spells our Darling.

Heart diameter 1.7cm

Hand engraved gold disc 2cm diameter – engraved with a letter of your choice.

Dove disc – 1.5 cm diameter

This piece is made from solid gold and has been certified in accordance with the Hallmarking Act 1973.

*All our jewellery is custom made to order & requires 4-5 weeks for production. However we often have one piece in stock in which case we will dispatch within 1-2 days. If you have any queries regarding the timing of delivery of your order please email

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